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This website is an informative, truth giving account from 2007 to present about the mistreatment and deaths of Canadian children who are in care. Protecting Canadian Children seeks no apology, no lawsuit, nor recognition, but seeks ACTION to protect our children and our country.

This site is in memory of all the youths who have died
under the ministry direction, after social service agencies placed
them in private government run programs.


We are a committed, honourable group of concerned citizens based in Canada. We are everyday people leading ordinary lives who will not be mesmerized by political charade. We are alarmed by the current state of affairs within Child Protective Services. Our group is bound by our strength to guarantee that we will never stop advocating until our vulnerable children become top priority according to Government Policy.

Present Situation

Canadians are too passive and need to act to rescue our children.
There is no government support or public awareness regarding children dying in Foster Care.
Too many children are dying while in the care of the CCAS / CAS.

Desired Situation

Motivate Canadians to action and advocacy.
Demad the government act on behalf of children in the Foster Care System.
To save Children’s Lives.

Our Goal

To educate and inform on behalf of the next generation.


We Let The Numbers Do The Talking

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Imperative Necessity

  • We need to increase public awareness
  • Motivate Canadians to action
  • Children dying unnecessarily
  • Protection for children under government care a must

Exploitation Must Stop

  • Child abuse is prevalent all over the world
  • Canada is no exception to this
  • Children have the right to grow up safely
  • 1 death of a child is too much

Edmonton Journal

Alberta’s ban on publicizing the names and photos of children who die in provincial care is one of the most restrictive in the country…

Toronto Sun

“Why aren’t you protecting the children?” Plourde demanded of the sheriffs.


A disabled 13-year-old girl who died shortly after spending most of her life in foster care was failed by Alberta’s foster care system…

Dedicated Provincial Representatives

Since the beginning of history children throughout the world have been exploited by adults. They continue to be brutally exploited in many countries. Child abuse is a prevalent problem everywhere and Canada is no exception. Children have the right to grow up free from abuse and all Canadians have a duty to ensure this happens.

We are a small but dedicated group of individuals with an ambitious goal and a strong will.  Too many children are dying while in the care of the CCAS / CAS and we will not stop until the government does something to act on behalf of children in the Foster Care System.

For further information, please contact Alfredine
(Linda) Plourde at info@protectingcanadianchildren.ca

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